Locanda delle Tre Chiavi - Isera (TN)

Ristorante Enoteca

Zero-km menu

On open list of our food suppliers

Our restaurant officially begins a path and a philosophy to reduce the distance between production and consumption.

It is now common to hear about a “zero km” menu, but this is not an easy task.

All this is not about ideologies or slogans. We just want to contribute to the future of our own planet and for those who will come after us.

Every guest, whiel tasting one of our dishes, will have contributed to the defense of our food heritage, and to the environment, as a consequence.

With this idea, we also try to encourage more young people to work the land.

We will try to buy more and more from local producers within a distance of 20-30 km.

To us, this open list of producers is a concrete action to follow the route we have just described.

  • Farina di mais Spin produttori della Valsugana
  • Broccolo di Torbole Fam. Rosa (da Novembre a Marzo)
  • Goat cheese: Az. Scottini Trambileno
  • Artisanal beer: Bionoc del Primiero
  • Salmerino (mountain trout): Trota Oro Preore Val Giudicarie 0465322773
  • Honey: Miele d’Isera di Manica
  • Speck (meat): Massimo Corà Coredo Val di Non
  • Cheese: Caseificio di Sabbionara 0464684262
  • Luganega (meat), Mortandela (meat), Ciuiga (meat), Vezzena (cheese), Puzzone di Moena (cheese), Casolet (cheese): from producers that are part of the Slow Food Italia projest (see the dedicated list).
  • Vino Santo (sweet wine): Associazione vignaioli del Vino Santo della valle dei laghi
  • Smoked horse meat: Macelleria Zenatti Rovereto (prod.dell’Arca)0464434386
  • Oil: Olio extra vergine di oliva DOP Coop. Agr. Riva del Garda
  • Wine vinegar: Aceto di vino di Pojer e Sandri
  • Berries and vegebables: Barbara di Cornè con piccoli frutti e ortaggi n.s.d.
  • Herbs and edible flowers: Comunità del cibo Baldensis del monte Baldo

This is our very own attempt at it...